Doubt that the path is settled. Doubt that there's nothing else. Doubt vogue to be a liar, but never doubt doing right by you. Meltin(Pot)™ is meant to provide portable sanctuary for all those who live a life of their own, in the midst of common places.

By turning streetwear fashion into a medium of personal freedom, we channel self-expression, personal diversity and emergence in all shapes and flavors magnified by living in the moment.

Born in 1994, our Italian house is rooted in the early family craftsmanship and traditions of continental denim production, from the flourishing '60s. While relentlessly innovating in production technologies, we stay true to our unique hand-washing processes perfected since the very moment the fabric of seekers and doers of the USA married the European spirit.

Our detail oriented designers infuse all collections with a sense of being at home in the world, with the ease and grace that only authenticity can unleash.

High quality materials and singular hand-washing treatments for denim items and button-fly jeans are meant to provide you with comfort and grit whenever and wherever you are, so you may stay true to your story. And make it epic.